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Due to the inconsistency with our platform, we’ve moved our website to WordPress. Find us here.

Photos from January Vigil w/ Fr. Kauth

The first Charlotte Helpers vigil of the new year was held in the chapel at Charlotte Catholic High School on January 18th.  Fr. Matthew Kauth celebrated Mass, followed by Adoration in the chapel while the majority of the group prayed at the Hebron Rd. abortion clinic led by Fr. Kauth. We had over 50 people join us to stand as a [Eucharistic-centered] prayerful witness for life.  Thank you to everyone who came out, especially those who joined us for the first time!  We hope you will join us again.

Photos from December Vigil w/ St. Vincent de Paul

Thank you to everyone who came out to pray this month as we joined the St. Vincent de Paul parish Respect Life group for Mass followed by their regular First Saturday time of prayer and sacrifice at the Hebron abortion clinic (see photos below).

Please make a special note of our January prayer vigil!

It will take place the weekend before the March for Life in D.C..  It will be Saturday, January 18th with Fr. Kauth at the Charlotte Catholic High School chapel.   Mass will be at 10am followed by a time of Adoration in the chapel concurrently with prayer at the Hebron abortion clinic.  Folks are invited to stay and pray in Adoration or join us in prayer with Fr. Kauth on the sidewalk.

We are hoping to get a good turn out of high school students to join us on the sidewalk or in Adoration, so please share this opportunity with family and friends—Eucharistic-centered prayer for souls on the front lines of the greatest evil we face in our nation—as we intercede for the children, mothers, fathers, abortion doctor, nurses, and staff.

Photos from November Vigil with Fr. Riehl

Thank you to everyone who attended our November vigil at St. Thomas Aquinas parish followed by prayer at the Latrobe Dr. abortion clinic with Fr. Riehl.

Our December prayer vigil is next Saturday, December 7th with Fr. Mark at St. Vincent de Paul parish. Afterwards we will pray at Hebron.  It will be great to have a vigil at the Hebron Rd. abortion clinic again, since we haven’t been there for several months. We hope you can join us!

Please share this opportunity with family and friends—Eucharistic-centered prayer for souls on the front lines of the greatest evil we face in our nation—and don’t forget that if anyone doesn’t prefer to pray on the abortion clinic sidewalk, there will be Adoration at the parish concurrently for the same intention: the mothers, fathers, and their children whose life they seek to end, as well as the abortion doctor, his nurses and staff. God bless you for your support!

Photos from Oct. Vigil with Fr. Rossi

Our October vigil was at St. Patrick’s Cathedral with Fr. Rossi on October 12th. It is so great to see consistent participation among our regulars, and this month we saw some new faces as well.  The sidewalk is getting a bit noisier than usual–especially with new pro-abortion supporters regularly on the sidewalk.  Luckily we now have walkie-talkies so that our Helpers group can spread out on the sidewalk AND hear each other pray.  Our presence as the Charlotte Helpers is formally tied to the Eucharist and Holy Mass, so it’s incredibly important for us to be this kind of witness each month.  God Bless!

Photos from September Vigil with Fr. Reid

Our September 28th vigil at St. Ann’s with Fr. Reid. After Mass we went to pray at Latrobe to correspond with the 40 Days for Life campaign. Afterwards Fr. Reid prayed his “special prayers” (exorcism prayers) before we headed back to St. Ann’s for Benediction.  This was our first vigil using the walkie-talkies!  That way we can hear each other pray while being spread out in a large group.

Photo from August Vigil with Fr. Hoare

Thank you to everyone who came out this past Saturday for our Charlotte Helpers prayer vigil at St. John Neumann on Idlewild Rd.  Fr. Hoare’s homily was wonderful, it was all about respect and love for human life in the womb. There was a litany of Mass intentions named for every aspect of abortion and for those involved in pro-life work.  We are very grateful to Fr. Hoare for this and for accompanying us to the abortion mill on Latrobe Dr. Please tell him thank you if you see him!

Photos from July Vigil with Fr. Deacon Matthew Hanes

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Saturday, July 13th Charlotte Helpers pro-life prayer vigil. We had morning mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, then prayed at the Latrobe Drive abortion clinic with Fr. Deacon Matthew Hanes of St. Basil’s Ukranian-Greek Catholic Mission which currently meets in the chapel on the campus of St. Thomas Aquinas. We had a great turn-out, 31 people joined us and the rain held off just long enough for us to finish our rosary, thanks to those staying behind and praying before Our Lord in the tabernacle back at the chapel (special thanks to Michael and Mary Jo!).  After we met back up in the chapel for closing, Fr. Deacon led us in a beautiful chanted Marian prayer that dates to the 7th century. Thanks to everyone who made this a great vigil . . . and hopefully an efficacious one too. This particular vigil was a great reminder that our most powerful weapon to fight against evil in our world is the liturgy of the Church . . . through the prayers of the Church, the Divine Liturgy (the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass) and Eucharistic Adoration. See you next month!

Photos from June Vigil with Fr. Miller

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Charlotte Helpers prayer vigil on Saturday, June 15th.  We had mass at St. Patrick’s then processed with Fr. Miller and Deacon McNulty to the Latrobe Dr. abortion clinic. Our time of prayer at the clinic was joined simultaneously by Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament in the church. We prayed for an hour then met back up at St. Patrick’s for Benediction. A big THANK YOU to Deacon McNulty and Fr. Miller for leading us in this time of prayer for the unborn!

Photos from May Vigil with Deacon James Witulksi

Thank you to everyone who came out to our May 25th prayer vigil.  Mass was at St. Thomas Aquinas with Fr. Kauth and we were led in prayer at the clinic by Deacon James Witulski.  Nearly 40 of us were there on the sidewalk, a great turnout! Thanks for your support of the Charlotte Helpers.  See you next month! Visit our Vigil Schedule page for our next date in June.